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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to hunt in South Africa?

Hunting in South Africa is good most times of the year. We typically recommend that our clients who are looking for a good quality archery hunt schedule their safari in the months of June, July and August. These are the dry months in our area and is considered by many to be the peak of the hunting season in South Africa.

Walk and stalk rifle hunts are good most times of the year, including June, July and August. The summer months in South Africa (December through March) can get quite hot. While we can hunt year round, we typically like to limit our season to May through October to avoid the high summer time temperatures.

What airport do I fly in to, and will someone from Koringkoppie Safaris meet me at the airport?

All clients coming into South Africa will fly in to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg (airport code JNB). Regardless of arrival time, a representative from Koringkoppie Safaris will be at the airport to meet you once you exit passport control and customs. They will also assist with gathering your rifles or archery equipment from the South African Police station in the airport. Once you have all of your baggage and equipment, they will then drive you to camp. The drive is about 3 and a half hours from the airport to Koringkoppie Safaris.

What is the process for importing a rifle into South Africa?

Importing a rifle into South Africa is not terribly difficult if you follow the correct procedures. Koringkoppie Safaris utilizes the services of Rifle Permits ( for pre-authorized permits through the South African Police Service (SAPS). The staff at Rifle Permits will help you fill out the appropriate paperwork prior to your safari, and will help ensure that once you arrive your permits wll all be in order.

What is the process for importing archery equipment into South Africa?

There are no special permits required to bring archery equipment ( compound bows, crossbows, etc.) into South Africa. Upon arrival, your bow case will be transferred to the SAPS office in the airport. When you arrive, a representative from Koringkoppie Safaris will meet you and take you to the SAPS office. There you will need to open the bow case and verify that there are no firearms inside the case.

How do I get my trophies after my safari?

Once your safari is complete you have a couple options for getting your trophies home. Koringkoppie Safaris has an onsite taxidermist (Whistling Duck Taxidermy) who can provide finished taxidermy work for your trophies. If you prefer to have your own local taxidermist do the work, we work with Swift Dip and Pack ( to prepare the trophies for export and to handle all of the appropriate paperwork, certificates, and permits.
Regardless of whether you have the taxidermy work done in South Africa or back home, you’ll need to get your trophies shipped. Koringkoppie Safaris and Swift Dip and Pack work with Safari Cargo Systems to handle the freight logistics. SCS will work directly with you to determine the most convenient port to import the trophies and will help put you in contact with a customs broker to make the process quick and easy.

Is this a family friendly activity?

Absolutely! Koringkoppie Safaris is a family-run operation and we love it when families come and hunt with us. We’re different than a lot of other outfits. We try very hard to book one hunting party at a time. This means your family or hunting party will have the full run of the camp and the full attention of our staff. We take a lot of pride in making your safari with us a very personalized experience. We like to say you’ll come as clients but leave as family. And our clients from past years will tell you that is exactly what happens.

Can I add extras to a hunting package?

Absolutely! At Koringkoppie Safaris we specialize in tailoring your safari to your wants and needs. If you book a hunting package at Koringkoppie Safaris you are welcome at any time to add additional animals to your hunting package. Trophy fees will be added to the cost of the hunting package, but no additional fees (daily rate, etc.) will be assessed.
Additional days may also be added to your hunting safari.

Is six days of hunting enough to fill my hunting package?

Generally speaking, the six days included in most of Koringkoppie Safaris’ hunting packages is sufficient time to harvest the animals included in the package. If you want to add multiple additional animals to your hunting package, it might be advisable to add days to your safari.

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